Ice Climbing - Lead Climb & Rappelling Course - Orient Bay

Are you ready to transition from top-roping to lead climbing on ice? Keep looking at those ice screws at the gear shop and wonder how to use them safely? Our Lead Climbing & Rappelling on Ice Course will help prepare you with the necessary skills and knowledge you’ll need to lead climb safely outdoors on ice. Compared to top-roping, lead climbing on ice presents many more variables and dangers that a climber and belayer need to be aware of and experienced with to stay safe. It is crucial for a climber to properly learn and understand what is involved with safely leading, belaying, and rappelling an ice climb. In this course you will learn and practice: -The differences between top-roping and lead climbing on ice -The gear involved with leading an ice climb -Objective hazards and subjective risks in ice climbing and leading -Minimizing the potential dangers by looking at a variety of scenarios -Advanced belay techniques for lead climbers on ice -Optimal body positioning -Methods for clipping quickdraws quickly and safely with gloves on -Breaking strength of a different climbing materials -How to properly attach yourself to an ice anchor -Fall factors -Lowering/rappelling from the top of the climb -Deciding when/how to bail from an ice climb -Mental techniques for lead climbing on ice -Understanding what happens when you fall -Forces placed on anchor points and how they factor in -Energy conservation while lead climbing on ice Rise and Shine, It's Time to Go Climb! Location: Orient Bay Drive Time from Thunder Bay: approx. 1.5hrs Course Time Starts: 10:00am Ends: 4:30/5:00pm Cost: $249/ person -or- Bring a Partner: save $50 each ($199/person) Equipment Included: Harness, Helmet, Mountaineering Boots, Crampons, Ice Axes, and whatever other technical climbing equipment is needed for the course. Limited spaces available, Book Now at: For a list of available dates check out our Events Calendar: Book your own Private/Group Adventure: See what other Ice Climbing Adventures & Courses we have available:
Event date: 
Sunday, January 21, 2018 - 10:00am to 5:00pm