Leisure Services

What is Leisure Services?  I get asked this all the time and here is the answer....as the Manager of Leisure Services for the Municipality of Greenstone, I am responsible for all the recreation programming that happens at Municipality Facilities, Parks and local schools.  All classes are organized at the lowest cost possible for all residents to use.  I also recruit and hire instructors for new classes/programs and I give assistance to any groups that are organizing special events within the Municipality.  Some examples of programs that are available:

-Minor Soccer/Baseball
-Summer Day Camps
-Art Classes
-Flag Football
-Kundlini Yoga
-Jazz Dance & Ballet
-Firearms Safety/Hunter Education

Also, rentals of Municipal recreation facilities, including:  ice rentals, hall rentals, pool rental and curling lounges.

If you are interested in finding out more about the programs currently running CLICK HERE.

Finally, I am responsible for the operation of the Geraldton Pool (located within Geraldton Composite High School).  The pool usually operates for six months of the year and we offer the following programs:

- swim lessons
- aquabics
- Public / Family Swims
- Private Lessons
- Pool Rentals

For more information on the Geraldton Pool and/or to view the operating schedule CLICK HERE.

If you have questions about Leisure Services, please contact me at:

Rob Kurish, Manager of Leisure Services
Greenstone Administration Office
1800 Main Street, Geraldton Ward.
Phone:  1-807-854-1100 ext 2011
Cell:  1-807-854-8680
Fax:  1-807-854-1947
Email:  rob.kurish@greenstone.ca
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