On-Line Recreation

The Municipality of Greenstone is pleased to introduce on-line recreation programming for both body and mind during the COVID-19 pandemic!

Check in daily for activities, challenges and ideas for all ages and interests!

Start a friendly competition with your friends, family or community members!

May 25th (only 7 months to Christmas) activity is the Basic Body Workout for all.

30 Day Song Challenge

Community "Connect with Cooking" Cookbook

The Municipality of Greenstone is compiling a “Connect with Cooking” cookbook with your favourite  quarantine recipes.

The completed “cookbook” will be available for download on the Municipal website greenstone.ca.  Printed copies may be picked up at your local Ward Office

Please submit your typed recipes to rob.kurish@greenstone.ca.

Call 854-1100 ext 2011 with any questions you may have.  

Deadline for recipe submission is Friday, May 22 , 2020. 

All person(s) submitting any recipes  please review the Recipe Disclaimer. 

Brain Activities

Looking for activities to work your brain, try the following puzzles;

Math Crossword

All About Fishing

Famous Movie Quotes Crossword

Exercise your mind while working on the "Food" Word Find. https://mywordsearch.com/445080/FOOD

Super Heroes

NHL Crossword with a local question. 

Popular Music Crossword 

Lets stay active Greenstone, have some fun and stay safe!

Monday, April 20, 2020