Public Health Advisories

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Listed below are Drinking Water Advisories, Swimming Advisories, and Notices of Waste Water Bypass Events.  If you have a Water Quality Complaint, contact the Public Services Department at (807) 854-1100 ext. 2029 for assistance.


Notice for Cordingley Lake Park and MacLeod Provincial Park.  A boil water advisory is in effect for the park drinking water system until further notice.

For more information on Sodium Advisories, please consult with a local health nurse through the Thunder Bay District Health Unit.
Reference:  BeardmoreNakina

Update: Boil Water Advisory lifted Friday, April 12, 2019.     April 8, 2019 - A community-wide boil water advisory has been issued for the community of Caramat due to system maintenance.  Residents will receive notification via door tags once the Health Unit lifts the boil water advisory.

Under a Boil Water Advisory, all water used for human consumption must be heated to a rolling boil for 1 minute.

Public Notification of community-wide boil water advisories is provided via CFNO Radio and the municipal website at a minimum for large municipal residential class drinking water systems.  The municipal website will be updated upon receiving notification from the Health Unit of the lifting of the community-boil water advisory.  Residents can also contact the municipal office for updates. 

In the case of boil water advisories affecting a restricted number of residents or community district, public notification of the boil water advisory and also the lifting of the advisory will be provided in the form of a tag that will be affixed to the residential entrance door. 

Inquiries can also be directed to the Thunder Bay District Health Unit.



June 21, 2018 - Ontario Parks has posted a Swimming Advisory for MacLeod Provincial Park.  

The Thunder Bay District Health Unit inspects beaches and issues beach advisories and beach closures when necessary.  Read more...



June 25, 2019 - Bypassing at the Frando lift station in Longlac occurred due to rainfall and infiltration.  Long Lake received an approximately 70.56 cubic meters of chlorinated waste water.

April 25, 2019 - Bypassing Bayview and Frando lift stations in Longlac occurred due to snow melt and infiltration.  Long Lake received approximately 263 cubic meters of chlorinated waste water.

April 23, 2019 - Bypassing at Geraldton Waste Water Treatment facility occurred due to snow melt and rainfall.  Hard Rock Creek received approximately 2082 cubic meters of chlorinated waste water.

Update April 24, 2019 - The last discharge ended on April 22, 2019.  April 18, 2019 - The Longlac Waste Water Treatment facility, Bayview and Frando lift stations are currently in a state of bypassing, resulting in a discharge of chlorinated waste water into Long Lake and the Making Ground River.  


May 19 to May 20, 2018 - Longlac (Bayview Pumping Station) - high rainfall event

Updates are reported as they are received by the Municipality from either the Ministry of Health or Ontario Clean Water Agency.

*Residents are asked to ensure their sump pumps do not discharge into the sewer system, which is a contributing factor in sewage bypassing.  As an incentive to install sewer backflow prevention valves in residential buildings, the Municipality offers a Sewage Water Alleviation Grant to offset material and labour costs. For applications, contact the Public Services Department at 854-1100 ext. 2029.

Public Notification for Sewage By-Pass Events in the Geraldton and Longlac Wards is carried out as per procedure approved by the Thunder Bay District Health Unit and the Ministry of the Environment.   The procedure for beach sampling is recommended in case of by-pass event(s) into the waterways - Kenogamisis Lake and Hard Rock Creek in the Geraldton Ward and Making Ground River and Long Lake in the Longlac Ward; as coordinated by the Public Works division of The Corporation of the Municipality of Greenstone and the Ontario Clean Water Agency.  Public notice of extended by-pass events will be communicated via radio announcements and posting on the municipal website, in addition to the regular notification procedures.