Septic Tank Pumping

Property owners are eligible for reimbursement of their septic tank pumping fee as per the Municipality of Greenstone Septic and Holding Tank Pumping Policy. Click to download the policy and form. The Municipality issues a tender annually to contractors to determine the lowest rate for septic tank pumping service, in order to set reimbursement rates by geographical area.

Property owners are reimbursed to a maximum of the lowest tendered price, regardless of which service provider performs the service. As per the policy, residents are eligible for reimbursement once every 2 years, and commercial properties are eligible for reimbursement each year.  Reimbursement Rates for 2017 & 2018 via Council Resolution 16-244.

To make a service appointment, property owners are to contact a contractor directly, after confirming eligibility for reimbursement with the Municipality.

Septic Field Applications and Inspections are performed by the Thunder Bay District Health Unit.

Additional Resources:

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