Surplus Land 124 Hamel Avenue, Longlac Ward, Municipality of Greenstone


TAKE NOTICE that the Municipality of Greenstone has, by Resolution of Council 17-116, declared that the following lands to be advertised for sale and to dispose of these lands
in accordance with the Municipality of Greenstone Policy for the Sale and Disposition of Land:


124 Hamel Avenue, Longlac Ward, Municipality of Greenstone
Plan 55R14104 Part 1 Part of Location DR 21
Part of PIN 62394-0847
Geographic Township of Daley
Municipality of Greenstone, District of Thunder Bay
Size: 0.371 Ha
Zoning: Industrial – Light Zone

Any person or corporation interested in purchasing the above noted land is requested to submit their offer or proposal in writing to the undersigned by 3:00 pm Friday August 18, 2017. This offer or proposal must include a detailed description of the intended development for the lands. Please be advised that any offer or proposal accepted by Council will be subject to all legal fees and other standard and/or specified conditions.

All offers or proposals to purchase will be reviewed by the Planning Department with recommendations being forwarded to Council no sooner than the regular public meeting on Monday, September 11, 2017.

The Municipality of Greenstone is under no obligation to accept any offer or proposal.

Acceptance of an offer or proposal does not guarantee the approval of any required planning or development applications.

Please address all offers/proposals to:

Stephen Mykulak
Director – Protective & Planning Services
Municipality of Greenstone
PO Box 70 Geraldton
Greenstone, Ontario
Tel: 807-854-1100
Fax: 807-854-1947


Wednesday, July 5, 2017