Waste Collection Maps & Calendars

The calendars provided indicate collection days for garbage collection routes and landfill hours of operation.  Reference the Maps to identify your Area (collection route), and view the corresponding collection calendar.     All calendars have been revised to reflect changes effective March 1, 2020 for landfill hours of operation and the Longlac Area 1 regular waste collection schedule. 

Please review the new schedules for your waste collection day on weeks affected by Holidays.  

Beardmore Ward & Rural West Ward

Beardmore (Area 1)   Revised 2020 CALENDAR

Jellicoe & Rural West Ward  (Area 2)   Revised 2020 CALENDAR

MAP_Beardmore  MAP_Jellicoe  MAP_Wildgoose Area

(Waste collection in the Rural Ward West (inclusive of the Wildgoose Area) is performed by Beardmore Ward Public Works.  Winter snow events typical in the Beardmore area may cause delays in collection times.)

Geraldton Ward 

Area 1    Revised 2020 CALENDAR      Area 2 & 4   Revised 2020 CALENDAR

Area 3   Revised 2020 CALENDAR      Area 5  Revised  2020 CALENDAR

MAP_Geraldton North  MAP_ Geraldton South

MAP_Hutchison Lake  MAP_Olde Road Area 

 MAP_MacLeod Townsite & Hard Rock  MAP_Second Bridge Area

Longlac Ward & Rural East Ward

Area 1   Revised 2020 CALENDAR     Area 2  Revised  2020 CALENDAR

Caramat & Rural East Ward (Area 3) Revised  2020 CALENDAR

MAP_Longlac (Area 1 & 2)

MAP_Camp 25  MAP_Caramat  MAP_Pamela & Margo Lake

Nakina Ward 

 (Area 1) Revised 2020 CALENDAR