Bid Opportunities - RFQ / Tenders / RFP

Welcome to the Municipality of Greenstone's bid opportunities site.

The Municipality uses a variety of procurement methods, in accordance with its PROCUREMENT BY-LAW when acquiring goods and services. 

Contractors are required to follow the Health & Safety Responsibilities (HS-200) of the Municipality's Health & Safety Manual, as well as their own policies & procedures set out in their own health & safety manual.

All tenders are opened publicly at the Greenstone Administration Office. 


RFT PS-2020-10 Municipal Road Paving and Cement Curbing - OPEN

RFT PS-2020-11 Supply & Delivery of Aggregate for Rural Roads - CLOSED (Review in Progress)

RFQ PS-2020-13 Rural Snow Plowing Services - OPEN 

  • Appendix A  Winter Maintenance of Municipal Roads & Travel Ways Policy
  • Appendix B  Snow Windrow Removal Program Policy

RFP PS-2020-04 Engineered Culvert Design - CLOSED ( Review in Progress)

RFP PS-2020-08 Municipal Campground Service Delivery Review - OPEN

  • RFP-2020-08 Schedule A - A Guide to Service Delivery Review for Municipal Managers
  • RFP-2020-08 Schedule B - Making Choices - A Guide to Service Delivery Review
  • ADDENDUM 1 - RFP PS-2020-08 Municipal Campground Service Delivery Review
  • ADDENDUM 2 - RFP PS-2020-08 Municipal Campground Service Delivery Review
  • ADDENDUM 3 - RFP PS-2020-08 Municipal Campground Service Delivery Review


RFP PS-2020-07 Award RES 20-126 Supply of One (1) New or Gently Used Refuse Truck

RFT PS-2020-06 No Bids Received - Lockstone Sidewalk Reconstruction

RFT PS-2020-05 Cancellation RES-117 Re-Issue RES-118 Municipal Road Paving and Cement Curbing

Award of  RFT COMM-2020-01 RES 20-110 Supply and Delivery of a Fourteen (14) Person Plus Wheelchair Para Transit Bus

RFT PS-2020-03 Award RES 20-99 Winter Sand Screening

Award RFP Integrity Commissioner Services By-Law 20-25 

RFT PS-2020-01 Award RES 20-54 Supply & Delivery of Ice Resurfacing Machine(s) 


2019 Surplus / Equipment Sale - Closed

Award of RFT PS-2019-09 Roofing Replacement (Shingles) - Beardmore Fire Hall & PW Garage via Delegation of Authority to Triad Exterior Contracting Ltd.

RFP PS-2019-08 Telecommunications Tower Replacement - CANCELLED.  Memo to Council to be presented at Regular Meeting of Sept. 23, 2019.

Award of RFT PS-2019-07 RES 19-125 Sidewalk Reconstruction 

Award of RFT PS-2019-06 By-law 19-31 Winter Road Maintenance in Rural Areas 

Award of RFT PS-2019-05 RES 19-99  Supply & Delivery of Solid Sodium Chloride 

Award of RFT PS-2019-04  RES 19-88 Supply & Delivery of Flake Calcium Chloride

Award of RFT's PS-2019-01, PS-2019-02 and PS-2019-03  RES 19-63

RFT PS-2019-01 Greenstone Roofing Project: Beardmore EMS Facility 

RFT PS-2019-02 Greenstone Roofing Project: Longlac Water Pollution Control Plant 

RFT PS-2019-03 Greenstone Roofing Project: Beardmore Water Treatment Plant 

RFP COMSER-2019-01 Greenstone Seniors Review   OPEN Dec. 5 - Dec. 20, 2019 4:30 p.m. - CLOSED                         

ATS Traffic is the successful bidder for the RFP EDO-2019-02 Wayfinding Signs - Print and Supply 

RFP EDO-2019-03 Wayfinding Signs - Installation - CLOSED

RFP EDO-2019-04 Canteen Operations 2019 - CLOSED

Accessibility Training required by Contractors

The Accessibility for Ontarians Act, 2005 AODA Customer Service Standards applies to all contractors and their employees dealing with the public or third parties on behalf of the Municipality of Greenstone.  Under the provincial legislation, contractors must ensure that people performing this work are trained in the AODA Customer Service Standard.

For free training resources on AODA Customer Service Standard please click here.